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  Grand Opening of Carpet Dusters an Elite Maintenance Company
Carpet Dusters is quickly making a name for itself by offering up elite maintenance services to all of their clients.

Online PR News – 18-October-2013 –“Well, Carpet Dusters is not your average cleaning company offering the same old mediocre service, many companies are serving up today,” said Mr. Graham, co-owner and Founder of the Company, who began his cleaning career nearly thirty years ago alongside his father, “No, we’re more than that. Carpet Dusters is your all around elite Maintenance Company that exists, only to provide top notch service in all we do for our customers.”
Carpet Dusters was officially formed in August of 2012, but operated on a part-time schedule. Mr. Graham and his business partner Ms. Stocks had to continue working their primary jobs in order to raise money for the business. “To date, all funding has been strictly from savings,” said Mr. Graham, “Each pay check we set aside a small amount just to put toward the business, which was not easy at all.”
Working as Independent Contractors for another company, they were responsible for all expenses in order for that venture to be successful. “It was not just another expense for us,” said Ms. Stocks, “But it also caused Carpet Dusters to lose revenue because we were not available to take customers calls!”
Just recently, the couple gave up their former jobs to solely focus on the new company. “We realized we were losing money while we continued to work for the other company. On the other hand, we were making money when we put all of our attention on Carpet Dusters.”
Although Carpet Dusters funding has come directly from the owners, they are now willing to look into outside sources to help with the marketing expenses. “We haven’t been able to do marketing on a broad scale, due to limited resources,” said Mr. Graham, “But, in order to move in the direction we’d like to go, outside sources would be necessary. Our dream is to be known as the other side of the cleaning business, the company that services your home or business and leaves it looking as if it’s been transformed into a five star resort,” said Mr. Graham. “We want to be able to give today’s customer, more than what they expect to pay for, with a smile! Many companies don’t appreciate the customer anymore. We do. Our goal is to keep them coming back, over and over again based on our quality of service and come to think of it, so far, they have!”