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Upholstery Cleaning: No two fabrics are the same. Don't trust cherished furniture to just anyone. Let us thoroughly clean your upholstery and use Scotchguard to keep it looking fresh and new.
NJ carpet cleaning coupon from CARPET DUSTERS, GET YOUR COUPON FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGECarpet CleaningLet us make your carpet look like new again with our hot water extraction method.
That means maximum cleaning power with a green cleaning solution, for a deep healthy clean.
Drapery Cleaning: Nothing collects dust like drapery does. Too much for you 
to do, let us handle'em We'll clean & deodorize them while their still hanging!   
Pet odor removal: Those lovable creatures sometimes leave lasting odors, don't they? Let us eliminate pet  odors with cleaning techniques that break odor down on a deep, molecular level.
Dryer Vent Cleaning:Thousands of fires are started every year because of clogged dryer vents. It's more than just cleaning your lint traps. Let us take care of this for you. 
Air Duct CleaningAir duct are like the lungs of your home. If they're dirty, you could be exposing your family to harmful air. Don't let poor indoor air quality harm your family!
Mattress CleaningDust mite live on dead skin that falls off during sleep, it's not the dust mite itself that can be harmful, it's the fecal matter from the mites, which becomes airborne as we toss and turn, causing us to breathe this bacteria in.
Housecleaning Services: We have an elite staff of house cleaners that are passionate about doing a great job! We also offer cleaning services for that new move! Call us today for special rates! 
Commercial CleaningNeed to have an office or a building cleaned, or just a few rugs cleaned & deodorized? No, job is too small! Whether you're looking for a single service call or something more regular, we can take care of your needs!
Hard Floors & Tile CleaningWhether it's a warehouse or kitchen floor, we'll clean & shine it, our powerful machines pack a "1000 PSI Pump" that'll blow any stain away!  
Trash/Junk Removal: Tired of all the junk you've  accumulated over the years? Think it's too expensive to get rid of? Not with CARPET DUSTERS! We'll get rid of all your bulk trash or junk for you at reasonable rates! Call today for your free quote!                                                  
Only the Best for our Customers!   
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